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Fletcher Poret is a certified New York State Teacher who has been working as a private teacher and learning specialist for ten years, in New York City and San Francisco. With a background in both writing and education, Fletcher first started a private tutoring business called Lotus Writing Tutors, while managing the University Writing Center at The New School University. He worked exclusively with college and graduate students, helping them with research, idea development, organization, language arts skills and persuasive writing. Feeling a strong desire to reach a broader group of students and to help at more integral stages of educational and intellectual development, Fletcher began working with middle and high school students. As he prepared an increasing number of students for SAT and ACT tests, NY Regents, as well as many other standardized tests, Fletcher found that a blend of traditional strategies coupled with his own original techniques produced better and better results, the more he trusted his intuition and his aptitude for understanding each students idiosyncrasies.

It was around this time that Fletcher was given the opportunity to contribute to the writing of a study guide titled, LD SAT. This book offers test preparation strategies for students with learning disabilities and all different types of learners. This book has become a very important resource and inspiration as time has passed. Fletcher has since perfected comprehensive evaluation strategies, as well as collected and developed a wide range of resources to establish an effective tutoring plan for each new student. 

Fletcher has worked with several different tutoring companies in New York City that specialize in students with learning disabilities, the most significant being EBL Coaching. Fletcher has also worked as a homeschool teacher for the several school years, helping students to reach success in all subjects and to regain confidence in themselves, as well as the school system. With the highest respect for the process by which a student is evaluated and an educational plan is designed, Fletcher has made this a top priority of MY LD TUTOR. Each new student that begins one-on-one tutoring is interviewed and immediately assessed for strengths and weaknesses in each academic subject and proficiency with regard to executive functioning skills. Each tutor hired is very experienced, trained in the evaluation process and in using all the core resources. We look forward to helping you achieve success at MY LD TUTOR!

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