MYLDTUTOR Consultation

Myldtutor offers consultation for all academic subjects and issues. In line with our philosophy that all students learn differently, we offer consultation to parents/guardians and students, to help promote effective study habits, develop and employ strong executive functioning skills and ensure that all students are addressing their learning differences or disabilities. We believe that each individual student has a unique way of learning, meaning that strengths and weaknesses academically, cognitively and emotionally play a key role in the way they learn. Taking each aspect into account, we do our best to advise everyone we work with or speak to. If you need a consultation for your child or yourself, please don't hesitate to call to set one up. Any other questions can be submitted by email and will be responded to promptly.
  • General Academic Subjects
  • College Application/ Admissions
  • Essay Writing/Editing
  • Learning Differences/Disabilities
  • Test Preparation
  • Executive Functioning/Study skills
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