Frequently Asked Questions

When searching for the private tutor that can best reach and effectively teach your child, there are several important questions to ask. 

How do I find the right tutor my child?

        When searching for the best tutor for a student, one is often faced with a variety of options, such an online tutor database, a franchise, boutique or a large tutoring company. While a great tutor can be found from any of these sources, it is only the most effective tutoring companies that spend the time to find the best possible match for each student’s unique academic needs. In our experience hiring tutors, we have found that the best teachers are not always the ones who believe they are, who have the most credentials or highest academic prestige. Rather, it’s the tutors who actually really care about their students and who are willing to spend the time to figure out exactly how each student learns and what they need to succeed. At MyLD Tutor, we use a variety of materials, incorporate strategies from many different sources, and spend the time to share with each other and discuss what works and what doesn't with different types of learners.

What makes MyLD Tutor different from other tutoring companies?

The difference between mass tutoring companies and my company is that we only work with very experienced tutors who can evaluate learning styles, as well as strengths and weaknesses, before developing an individualized plan for each student. While a couple of my tutors got their start with a larger company, none of us follow any specific program as we firmly believe there is no one-size-fits-all program.

Companies that supply a large database of tutors offer a very wide range of experience, training and subject or test proficiency. In fact, these companies actually encourage prospective tutors to join by advertising it as a great place to build experience. That said, it is very unlikely that any new tutor would present him or herself as inexperienced; instead, it leads to the presence of both completely unqualified tutors, as well as smart people who can teach, but don’t know the necessary strategies, techniques and shortcuts to help all students really succeed.

What kind of tutoring company is MyLD Tutor?

Our company falls into the class of a boutique tutoring company, which is typically the most expensive. The reason that we remain at the lower end is because we have little interest in only serving the upper crust of our city. We would much rather have the flexibility to work with as many students who need help as possible.

How does MyLD Tutor determine what my child’s academic needs?

          In order to find a tutor that best addresses a students’ needs, it is essential to provide all available information regarding strengths and weaknesses, learning differences or disabilities, comments or concerns from teachers, test-taking history, and any recent neuropsych evaluations. Providing this type of background information helps us to match each individual with the correct tutor and assists in developing a comprehensive plan with the appropriate material.

What can I do to help my child get the best out of their experience?

            Setting realistic goals for what one wants to get out of one-on-one tutoring is an important step. With so much competition in schools today, there is a lot of pressure to perform. As students prepare for admissions, exams, and scholastic awards or push for higher class ranking, AP test scores, or any other distinction, tension can generate stress and interfere with appropriate manageable goals. Therefore, it is critical that there is clear communication between parents, students, and tutors. 

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