MYLDTUTOR Testimonials

My daughter was diagnosed with a learning disability at the age of three. She has spent her entire academic career in a school for students with learning disabilities. I was told over and over again that "LD kids don't do well on standardized tests."  Although I was prepared to accept any outcome, I wanted her to try her very best and not give up before she even tried.  Fletcher worked with my daughter on an off for about ten months, spanning the two ACT tests that she took.  She did better than expected on the first test and improved her score even more the second time around.  Fletcher is a dedicated, patient and talented teacher.  He really connected with my daughter, understood the nature of her disability and  knew how best to help her.  My daughter worked hard and so did Fletcher.....and together they got results.  I could not have been more pleased and proud!  
Suzanne Ryan, Churchill School and Center Parent

My daughter desperately needed help with Math.  Her High School gave me contact information for "My LD Tutor".  She had worked with  tutors in the past, with mixed results. I was skeptical but she needed help, so I set up an appointment. Fletcher Poret called me back immediately.   I was impressed by his kindness, sincerity, and concern for my daughter.  He hadn't even met her yet!  Most of all, I was impressed with the information he provided about the "My LD Tutor" program.
This Fall, my daughter is off to the college of her choice, having made it through the process relatively unscathed.  I am very grateful to Fletcher in particular- as well as the "My LD tutor" program in general- for giving my daughter the tools she needed to do well.  I would highly recommend the program.

Anita Bryant, Calhoun Parent

My son and I have had a truly wonderful experience working with My LD tutor.  After an evaluation, we were placed to work with a wonderful young man, who is a skilled teacher and great at connecting with and understanding my son.  My son’s grades have improved and his teacher’s have noticed major improvement in his confidence.  I am very pleased and grateful to have found this company.

Cheryl, Riverdale Parent

We are very pleased with myldtutor. Fletcher matched our son Charles with a tutor that was very motivating, and a great influence overall.  They worked together to create a plan for studying and staying organized that has been very helpful!
 Jonathan R., Brooklyn Tech Parent

Fletcher Poret continues to be an invaluable tutor for our daughter, Phoebe. As a high school teacher myself, I know the importance of teaching to the student’s learning style in order to make real progress. From day one, I saw that Fletcher was a skilled observer of how people learn.  He builds on Phoebe’s strengths with study skills that suit her own abilities.  Over time, I’ve watched him choose from an expansive repertoire of methods. He is an expert at boosting confidence through the most pragmatic means possible. I chalk up these successful high school years to our daughter’s work with Fletcher.
Wanda Caine, Lab High School Parent

Fletcher was a great tutor, not only because he knew how to teach but because he was also very personal. He taught me skills that I never thought I had before. I was scared to take the ACT, but he calmed me down. Since every session he worked on a different skill, by the end I knew how to conquer the test. I did very well on the ACT because of how he taught me in clear ways. Fletcher was amazing and I recommend him to everyone. 

Anonymous, Churchill Student 

When I first started on MyLD Tutors, I was apprehensive if some one so much as asked me to show my work, plan a assignment, or work with another to edit an assignment. Now, I'm able to not only let others edit my work and make planning pages, but also work with others on long assignments.
Grant Fleming, Student at the Churchill school


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