Tutor Evaluation Form

Parents and students- My LD Tutor welcomes your feedback in order to provide continuous quality improvement for services. We ask that you please complete the following evaluation so that we may better assist you and your child in obtaining their best academic experience possible. 

My LD Tutor QUALITY Scale Survey


In the spaces provided mark according to the following scale:

1=Strongly Disagree

The parent has clear evidence that the statement does not describe the tutor.


In the parent’s best judgment, based on observed performance, the statement is not an accurate description of the tutor. 

3=Neither Agree nor Disagree

The parent has no evidence (or evidence that is inconclusive) on this item.


In the parent’s best judgment, based on observed performance, the statement is an accurate description of the tutor.

5=Strongly Agree

 The parent has clear evidence of the tutor’s superior performance on the item. 

Name of Student:
Services Received:
Name of Tutor:


 1. The tutor has sufficient knowledge to assist students with the course materials. ____

 2. The tutor communicates his or her knowledge to the students. ____

 3. The tutor uses classroom assignments that contribute to student acquisition of required concepts and/or skills. ____

 4. The tutor uses testing strategies that measure student retention of required concepts and/or skills. ____

 5. The tutor encourages students to use concepts as a basis for developing skills in thinking, problem solving, analysis, and drawing conclusions. ____

 6. The tutor uses adequate resource materials to amplify course materials. ____

 7. The tutor uses innovative strategies to encourage independent learning. ____


 1. The tutor encourages students to achieve success by maintaining a positive learning environment. ____

 2. The tutor encourages students by suggesting appropriate resources for academic and personal advice and assistance. ____

 3. The tutor clearly explains the goals of the tutoring session to the students. ____


 1. The tutor has a clearly defined understanding of the rules, regulations, and expectations. ____

 2. The tutor demonstrates a positive attitude toward his or her students. ____

 3. The tutor interacts courteously with the student, teachers, and family members. ____

 4. The tutor clearly demonstrates an appreciation for the unique role of the student. ____


 1. The tutor maintains appropriate focus on the student’s course work. ____

 2. The tutor follows his or her approved schedule with minimal revisions. ____

3. The tutor keeps his or her immediate supervisor informed on issues or problems affecting the tutoring process.  ____

1. Describe your overall experience with MyLD Tutor:







2Would you recommend MyLD Tutor? Why or why not?







3. Would you be willing to provide a testimonial for MyLD Tutor servies? If so, please utilize the space below. A My LD Tutor representative may          contact you regarding permission to use your testimonial for advertising purposes. 

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